We had another great presentation by one of our own members, Art Knodel, MD. Art grew up in Tacoma. His father, the late Art Knodel (Sr) was a prominent attorney known to many of us. As a new physician, Art joined a small medical group, which assigned him the role of sleep medicine specialist, a newly developing specialty, which he practiced until he retired. His talk was illustrated with Power Point slides which he has graciously made available at Sleepy slides

He also gave us two handouts which are copied below.  Several of us non-physicians were surprised to learn that sleep is medically essential to trigger actual chemical changes in our body that enable it to “flush” build-ups of bad chemicals, which accumulate while we are awake. Without sufficient sleep, we are much more likely to have accidents and make bad decisions.

His slides and comments include examples of what to do and what not to do to induce good sleep. Many people, including this scribe, have wrongfully believed that reading on one’s laptop and cell phone and other electronic devices which produce blue light help induce going to sleep.

The best news he gave us is that short daytime naps are GOOD! If you have difficulties with sleep, you are urged to carefully read the materials which Dr. Knodel has shared with us. You may reach him at a.knodel@comcast.net.


MEETING OF MARCH 26, 2024: Another of our members, John Shoemaker, a Viet Nam Veteran will tell us about Vietnam during the war and the present day. The changes are remarkable.

MEETING OF APRIL 2,2024: No fooling, our speaker will be member, Bob Williams, who will speak about guide dogs.


JULY 16: TENTATIVELY SAVE THIS DATE FOR OUR ANNUAL SUMMER PICNIC. PENDING ARRANGEMENTS TO BE MADE, it will be held at TC&GC on its patio. Final details will be confirmed soon.

Respectfully submitted, Phil Sloan, scribe, whose mate is skeptical about the statement that afternoon naps are good.


We had an excellent speaker, Laura Matson, speaking on behalf of the WSU Pierce County Master Gardeners Foundation Program. Her presentation was supplemented by slides on a PDF which contains such informative and interesting facts that the decision was made to simply refer the reader to those slides rather than this scribe attempting to accurately summarize her comments. They are an authoritative refence for future use. They provide a comprehensive review of how to maintain a resilient vegetable garden with ease here in the Great Northwest.

Several mates of our members were present, suggesting that they are the gardeners in their households (which is reasonable because winter gardening conflicts with football season.)

Much of Ms. Matson’s talk was about Climate Change and how your personal garden can contribute to fighting Climate Change by growing plants and trees. We all learned in elementary school that animals take in Oxygen and expel Carbon Dioxide whereas plants do the opposite and thus help the environment.

She told us how to mulch, when to fertilize and when not to water and the advantages of using TEGRO (which is free). She welcomes your questions and may be contacted at matsonl@mac.com 


An event which is NOT COMING is a meeting on April 9, 2024. The TC&GC will not be serving food that day so members can assist their spouses with gardening that day.

MEETING OF MARCH 19, 2024: Our speaker will be Dr. Art Knodel, one of our members who will be speaking on “Sleepless in Tacoma” and his “Who are those guys?” presentation.

MEETING OF MARCH 26, 2024: Another of our members, John Shoemaker will be speaking on “Viet Nam then and now”.

MEETING OF APRIL 2, 2024: Our speaker will be Dr. Bob Williams, DDS, speaking on guide Dogs. Dr. Bob is also the dentist for several of our members.


RESPECTFULLY Submitted, Phil Sloan, scribe, who doesn’t know the difference between rhubarb and rutabaga.

To see all of Laura’s slide presentation which include the details
click this link vegigarden slides

Laura says Tagro is free if you pick up and load it unbagged.
They charge to deliver it or if you buy by the bag.

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