Which began life as a 2001 Dodge Dakota pickup

Description of a 2012 Nissan Leaf battery pack powering the E-Kota

1 single module of 48, each with 4 cells, 2 in series & 2 in parallel
2 modules connected in parallel (not fully charged) showing 14.90 v
All 48 modules have been connected in series into 24 “buddy pairs” and the pairs connected in parallel for the balancing charge.
After the balancing charge the cells were loaded into the aluminum battery boxes in the truck.

For my initial balance charging I set my charger to 15 v and let it run for several hours until the amps showed 0. Buddy pair max voltage is 16 v. After balancing the voltages did not vary more than 0.01 volts between cells. The battery pack fully charged relaxes to 195 v.

My charger is a Manzanita Micro PFC-30 M which can be powered on either 120v or 240v and adjusted to output anywhere 12v and 425 volts at 30 amps

Beginning to wire the pack. Note the Bus bars cross over 4 modules.
Wiring completed except for the Orion computer. Note the plastic covering the bus bars for safety and it turns brown when hot from loose connection. An excellent indicator of a loose connection.

This is how you get to the batteries.

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